Constance Nipper's

Calico Chicken is the true story of the kitten that was born under a hen house in Apache Junction, Arizona. She grew up with the baby chicks after she lost her mother, and considered the chickens to be her family. The chickens taught her to scratch for food, and keep the eggs warm in the nest. She taught the baby chicks to play games of stalk and pounce as if they were cats. She would calmly sit and eat with her chickens. and would chase away any other invading birds, regardless of them being pigeons or hawks. The chickens that grew up with her became fearless. They would scare off anything that tried to attack by using the skills Calico Chicken had passed on to them.

The story of the Calico Cat stayed with Constance for many years before she decided to put pen to paper. Over a decade ago, she left Apache Junction and moved to New Mexico, where she stays busy reading, volunteering, and trying her hand at various crafts, which include crocheting and making her own greeting cards. The many animals she shared her life with in Apache Junction gave her enough fodder to someday be able to pen many more stories.

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