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Editors and proof readers help make writers and books better. They can be brutally honest or lavish praises as they dig through an author's manuscript. An editor's job is to make recommendations, ask questions for clarification, fact check when necessary, and point the author in directions they may not have thought of going. Proofreaders are essential for sentence syntax and overlooked spelling errors.

While it is recommended that many family members and friends read and critique your manuscript, it is often hard for a friend or family member to be objectively critical about what they are reading because of the relationship. When this is the case, it may be time for a proofreader and/or editor.

It is at the discretion of the managing editor as to the type of material AZKatz Publishing Services is willing to proof or edit, it is the policy of AZKatz Publishing Services to NOT publish sexually explicit or child molestation material, or material with unnecessarily foul language or material which is hatefully critical of ANY religion or living individual.

For a monthly fee, AZKatz Publishing will create and maintain a webpage for an author who wishes a website to showcase their books, plus guidance for setting up accounts to be able to sell direct to their reader base. Cost of this service is on a case by case basis. Note: AZKatz Publishing Services is NOT a marketing or author promotion service.

AZKatz Publishing copy editing, proofreading, manuscript formatting and conversions services are provided by Brenda Cockrum and services provided by her are billable through AZKatz Publishing. Otherwise, the cost and payment of proofreading and editing services provided by the freelancers listed below is strictly between the author and the freelancer. It is suggested that 'Editing Services Needed' or the name of the service being requested, be added to the email subject box. Click on the service provider’s name to email them.

Freelancers available:
Illustrator - Erin Cosner --> Her Portfolio may be Found Here
Proofreading - Gwynn Morgan

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